Helping Dreamers Realize Their Potential. Dream Big.

This year we celebrate graduations and milestones as our college access programming continues. Over 90% of Dreamers are on track to graduate within 5 years of entry. Please join us in congratulating Lamonte, Eric, and Yesenia as they earn their degrees this 2015-2016 school year. 

Congratulations to Dreamers Eric Rogers, Lamonte Brown, and Yesenia Fernandez. Eric will earn his Bachelors in Advertising from Marquette University while Lamonte and Yesenia will earn their Associates in Business Administration and Hospitality Management respectively. 

Dreamers are engaged in, as well as outside of the classroom. From raising dollars to help more underrepresented students attend college, to hosting an event for middle school students in North Chicago, Dreamers take their roles as civic-minded agents seriously. 

Our Programming

The Dreamer College Success Network is an initiative aimed at helping Dreamers access the resources needed to succeed in college and beyond. Networking events, career readiness workshops, and the recently launched Career Cafe are among the many programming activities under the CSN umbrella. Career Cafe and networking events are an opportunity for Dreamers to meet with professionals in their field of interest while career readiness workshops help Dreamers sharpen the technical skills needed for professional growth. 

Each Dreamer is responsible for submitting updated resumes, “elevator pitch”, and career goals regularly. 

Intrusive counseling is also a major component of “I Have A Dream” North Chicago programming. Staff meet with Dreamers regularly on campus to set and monitor goals while encouraging academic excellence. Dreamers are responsible for maintaining “good academic standing” as defined by their college, and discussing challenges and possible pitfalls with staff regularly.