“I Have A Dream” is a national program, one of over 30 affiliates across the country and New Zealand. Our current cohort, the “I Have A Dream” class of 2017, began when an entire kindergarten class at Yeager School in North Chicago, Illinois was adopted in 2001. These students (Dreamers) are now  mostly college juniors benefitting from a wide range of year-round programming including academic, social, and cultural enrichment, career exposure and college planning, family education and much more. 

The first “I Have A Dream” North Chicago class was adopted in 1991 when a 6th grade class was promised age-appropriate youth development programming through high school graduation, and post-secondary tuition assistance. Of the 37 Dreamers adopted, 98% earned their high school diploma or GED, and over 80% entered college or the workforce. Colleges attended include Marquette University, Washington University, and Lake Forest College, with professions ranging from teaching to nursing.